Bonfire Night

With so many parties going on in the area it was decided to delay our bonfire party until 9th November. Unfortunately we could not guarantee good weather so as the rain poured down incessantly all Saturday afternoon the decision was taken to postpone it until the next evening. With fingers crossed Remembrance Sunday dawned dry and bright although we were left with a very wet bonfire. Later that afternoon many members battled to get it going and after about an hour of prodding and tweaking we had a roaring blaze. The weather continued dry and we were blessed with a beautiful full moon. There were wonderful colourful and noisy fireworks all donated to the event and members provided some delicious food. I am sorry quite a few people missed it due to the change of date but for my part it was a real pleasure to meet those who managed to get there and I hope we can do something similar again in the summer.

Finally, a big thank you to all of you who supported the event in so many different ways.